My major project was my final year project at University. My first proposed solution was to design a large digital screen which shows where the buses are in real time. This would give the opportunity for the user to see if the bus was near them or if it had passed them already. It would also mean that they could look into taking another bus instead if it was closer. This would also give a place for any announcements that appear on the metlink website to be shown to the people that they concern the most. An interactive kiosk would provide electronic timetables as well as more specific information such as the cost of fares per zone as well as the total amount for your trip, route map, bus selection, complete full day timetable for each bus number as well as the next 3 times for that bus. An app for both iPhone and Android platforms would give the user a quick way to find the information that they require and could incorporate in a GPS navigation system for if they were new to Wellington and were not quite sure which bus stop to get off at etc.